For the past 3 years in August we have helped support a small but big impact festival called MULBFEST, which incorporates local bands and is a free event in a large pub garden in Surrey. Last year we stepped it up a gear and installed our small Mini Orbit Stage which is 5 meters wide, 4.5 meters deep and has a height up to 7 meters. This stage was ideal for the event and the venue and gave the customers that Glastonbury festival feel in their own garden. The event is hard work with around 10 different bands and singers performing throughout the day with just 10 minute intervals between them. This proves to be very tight and we have to be on top of our game to quickly line check and then sound engineer on the fly whilst still keeping the quality of sound at a high level. With many years of experience in outdoor events we just take this as another challenge to be conquered. Along with staging and sound we also supplied a small professional light set up with moving heads, strobes and blinders.