Rigging in a marquee with a 7 meter apex on the hottest day of the year is serious work. In the British scorching sun we started the huge task of rigging a 60 meter by 30 meter marquee in the grounds of Hampton Court Palace for a private client. The client required break up lighting, roof lighting wash and dance floor lighting along with a stage, stage lighting, mood lighting and sound for 1000 guests. We decided the best action would be to ring a 50 meter quad truss the length of the marquee to hang source 4’s for break up lighting, par cans and LED moving heads for the ceiling wash. We then tackled the dance floor lighting by hanging 4 moving head profiles, 2 atomic strobes and 2 martin rush wizards. With all this hanging from the truss we had the big task of raising 9 chain hoists to the top of the ceiling. For sound we opted for our D&B Audiotechnik range of C7 tops and B2-Subs for front of house and 6 Q7’s for fill around the marquee. Everything was controlled from a Yamaha LS9 and Chamsys PC Wing. On top of the production inside the marquee, we then supplied a ground stacked line array system outside for a fireworks display during the evening. We elected to use our JBL Vertec system due to the amazing sound quality and the amount of people at the event.