Professional Conference Applications, Fashion Shows, Gala Dinners

Helping you to engage with your audience and deliver your objectives in Hampshire, Surrey, London and the rest of the UK

At a conference, business networking event or company awards ceremony, you only get one shot to engage with your audience, so it is vital to have a professional, reliable and experienced team like PURE SOUND PRODUCTION on your side. With our attention to detail and creative ideas all your conference needs are covered ensuring that the one shot you have to engage with your audition is the only shot you need.

From a small room to a large hall or theatre, we have the equipment to help you deliver. Having a professional sound system well engineered and audio coverage around the room gives the speaker the confidence to deliver to the guests. When we speak, we can only speak in one direction, so without amplification only the people you look at will get a clear precise understanding of what is being said. Using amplification will ensure the whole room is filled with the speakers voice, this in turn enables everybody to hear clearly and the speaker to speak normally without stressing his or her voice.

Along with speech, most conferences come with presentations, with are equipment and knowledge we can offer Audio Visual options too, from simple displayed powerpoint, keynote or video presentation to full live camera feeds so speakers can be seen also.

If your planning a Fashion Show, we understand that the creative pieces are the fashion items themselves so they need to be seen as clearly as possible, whether this is by stage elevation or lighting, we have the skills to help.

Gala Dinner and Dance or Award Ceremony, the impact factory is important to impress and WOW your guests. Over the years we have worked with many clients and celebrities producing that all important ‘Night to Remember’. With our equipment we can help:

  • Conference Amplification and Sound
  • Conference Audio Visual 
  • Stage and Set Design
  • Interactive Conferences 
  • Presentation Checking
  • Autocue and Prompting Systems
  • Live Camera Feeds
  • Recording
  • Fashion Shows, Lighting and Staging
  • Black Tie and Gala Dinners
  • Award Ceremonies

We can also supply clients with CAD designs, drawing and interactive views, so we can see if we have enough space for set, stage, sound and guests. This enables clients to best plan the space and set up for the event.

If you need a CONFERENCE SOUND, CONFERENCE AUDIO VISUAL, STAGE AND SET DESIGN AND BUILD, LIVE CAMERA FEEDS or just some advice on what is the best application for you then please get in touch for a chat or a free quote for your event.



  • “Pure Sound Productions was one of the most dedicated professional companies I have worked with in sound and lightning. Lee is a great director with a great skill to analyze and summarize ideas. Intelligent expert with boundless energy. Shows all the time a strong determination to fulfil goals, while being honest to others. They have an extensive proficiency, and an open-minded approach could not be overestimated. Pure Sound Productions did not fail me a single time.  If you need a professional to do a job in sound and lightning for your event, make sure you have Pure Sound Productions doing that job”

    Ulf Tiedemann, Marketing at Thorpe Park

    Ulf Tiedemann, Thorpe Park
  • “A very positive approach to their work with a keen eye for detail and deadlines. An excellent communicator. 
I found PSP to be hardworking and trustworthy. 
I can recommend them without any reservations.”

    Neil Irwin, Amassing Lasers

    Amazing Lasers
  • “Pure Sound Productions supplied and managed the set up of sound and light equipment for me at Thorpe Park and Ministry of Sound Events. 
Their work was always thorough, always on time and most importantly on budget. They supplied small PA systems to large scale set ups for our live shows. They are helpful and always on hand to get stuck in. 
10 out of 10 from me.

    Gareth Cooke, Brand Partnership Manager at Thorpe Park

    Gareth Cooke, Thorpe Park